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Chocolatier Melissa Santos - Cadence Chocolates

Private Chocolate Class


We design classes for the novice chocolatier

Learn: Infusion, emulsion, and hand-rolled truffles techniques

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Welcome to Cadence Chocolates! We make hand-painted chocolates with delicate shells and rich, flavorful ganache centers. Whether you are celebrating something special or want to add decadence to your dinner service, we are here for you. Let's talk.



BONBON: How we refer to our handcrafted chocolates with thin shells and luscious ganache centers. Also known as truffles.

CADENCE: Rhythm. We like the word in reference to musicality and how our chocolatier feels about making bonbons.

CHOCOLATIER: A person that primarily creates confections utilizing chocolate. 

GANACHE: A rich filling made from chocolate, cream, and butter at its most basic.

SHELLING: The process of lining chocolate molds with tempered chocolate.


Award-winning Cadence Chocolates are proudly made in San Francisco by Chocolatier Melissa Santos. Our fillings are made with organic cream, coconut cream, and nut butters blended with GMO-free, fair trade chocolate from Guittard. When we're not using dairy, we make the best vegan chocolates you've ever tasted.