Small Business Saturday: San Francisco Maker Favorites

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Holiday shopping isn't easy. Primarily, there's balancing budget with thoughtfulness, and from there, you can go down a whole rabbit hole of considerations. If there's only one more layer to add, I offer up the following criteria:

"Is it local?"

Why local? As makers ourselves, we can't help but promote our brothers and sisters in creative arms, and San Francisco to Oakland is bursting with talent, skill, and wildly imaginative minds. Plus, you're developing and supporting your community and! Often getting something handmade, imbued with love, and quite possibly one of a kind.

We're sharing some of our non-food* local business favorites, just in case Google wasn't doing it for you. These are people we know and greatly appreciate for sharing their gifts with us. 

Amos Scattergood | Certified Massage Therapist | Favorite: 90 minute session

Camille Villanueva | Versatile Design Maven | Favorites: Constellation pins and graphic design

Heit Ceramics | Favorites: serving platters and vases

Little Green Bee | Medicated Topicals | Favorites: Lip balm, with or without cannabis

Pamela Palma | Photographer | Favorites: Portrait sessions and event candids

We realize massage doesn't fall under the typical "maker" classification, but I'd like to add in the subcategory of "makes you feel good". We also realize we could make a list five times this size, but kept it short and sweet because, you know, the internet is already vast and deep. Comment with shoutouts to your favorites, we're dying to know. Or, if you want a specific recommendation, email us at - we'd love to help!

Pro-tip: Need budget-friendly gifts for maker friends? Rate, review, and subscribe. Really! A Yelp or Google review brightens every maker's cold, grinchy heart during the holiday crush. If you subscribe to their emails, reply and tell them why you appreciate them. You can also apply this to all your friends by writing them heartfelt cards.

Now go forth and make merry!


*Okay, if you're dying for some local, edible favorites:

Dandelion Chocolate & all the 2017 Advent Calendar collaborators ● Garden Creamery - best vegan ice cream and plenty of dairy, too ● Soulva - when you're hosted-out and need a hearty salad ● B Patisserie - a kouign amann after my own heart  SF Lady Chefs - fantastic resource for amazing private chefs and caterers


Photo by Kate Romano