Are your chocolates organic and sustainable?

Organic nectarines from the Ferry Building farmers market.

Organic nectarines from the Ferry Building farmers market.

We work with chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company, which is has some really great practices like sourcing fairly traded beans from farms with a commitment to sustainability and prohibiting slavery and other awful stuff in their operations. 

We incorporate organic ingredients into our ganaches (peanut butter, nectarines, strawberries, and black sesame tahini, to name a few), but we do not produce a wholly organic product. As a small company, we try to walk the line between doing right and staying in business, and our goal is to continually increase the organic products in our ingredient list.

Some of our ingredients, such as lavender and rosemary, are locally foraged. We recognize that foraging can be harmful and unsustainable if not done mindfully, which is why we only collect from sites that are plentiful and allow them to recover between visits.

One of our favorite sustainable practices is biking deliveries around San Francisco whenever possible.