UPDATE: Tell Us a Story >> Win FREE Chocolate! Ends August 8th



First Prize: Chef Anthony - 9 piece box

Runners Up: Karen Sprinkel and Steve - five piece box

Thank you to Jesikah, Ron, and BC for your nominations! Your nominees certainly deserve chocolate for their hard work this summer. We'll be following up on delivery details for next week shortly.

For anyone that missed out, keep following us. We'll have more contest opportunities, promise. If you just can't wait, we're happy to talk to you about orders.

Updated Sunday, August 9th

Hey grownups: Remember when you were a kid and summer was full of sprinklers, chasing ice cream trucks, and so much fun you didn't even notice the life vest or SPF 10000 after a while? Even if childhood wasn't that idyllic, your life these days is probably more work than play.

With summer in San Francisco is teetering on the edge of trading in the sun for months of fog, we want to brighten your week with a do good, feel good contest. Here's the deal:

  1. Tell us a story. You know someone working hard in the Bay - your office manager, your wedding planner, your oncologist neighbor - that deserves some chocolates. Tell us why in the comments*.
  2. We'll read them and three nominees win free chocolates and we'll deliver next week. One nine piece box for first prize and two five piece boxes for the runner ups!
  3. The catch: They must be deliverable in San Francisco, Oakland, or you can meet us in SF and deliver them for us.

Tell us! We're all ears*.

*If you don't see the comments section, click the "Tell Us a Story" post title :)