Thank You

Many people have shared their stories, experience, and knowledge with us. This list is anything but exhaustive, but we are ever grateful to:


Albaro at Your Printer, for his patience and making our very first printed materials for packaging look good

Alexandra at Gâté Comme des Filles

Andres Lara, for teaching us how to make it dance

Ann Marie at Crumb, for helping us think through plenty, source ingredients, and a lot of laughing

Camille Villanueva for help with screen printing and being a creative and heartwarming friend

Casey and Talia for smiling through the heat and too many rooftop chocolates to give a human touch to our photos

Cole at Black Sands

Dandelion Chocolate

I-Li at Vice Chocolates

Ivan O’Neill, for his support, resident taste testing, and evangelism

Issac at Cacao

Jesikah Stolaroff, for being the best friend ever

Joshua Meiseman, for being an incredible mentor and giving us tiny work for big hands

Kate Romano, for wondrous food photography

Katie Wallace, for creating our logo and font for packaging

Lazy Bear

Maralyn at Have Your Cake

Michel Bistro

Mindy at Jade Chocolates

Praz at City Copy & Print, for being quick, responsive, and turning out excellent printed materials when I'm (persistently) in a pinch

Ruby Guerra, for painting and packaging chocolates with attention to detail

Simon Sebastian, for asking Melissa what she wanted to do and telling her to go do that

Steve at The Chocolate Makers Studio

Too many friends to count